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Photographers, Illustrators and 3D Artists wanted!

We share each sale of your images to a 50% with you.

You do not have to be a pro, but we expect expressive image
material. We are focusing on the effect of the picture and
image quality. STOCKSTAGE distributes all images
“non-exclusively” - therefore you may feel free to offer
them elsewhere too.

Your images are in jpg format with a resolution of at least
4 megapixel, preferably 8 megapixel or higher? That is why
we are looking forward to survey 10 of your best works!

You have further questions: FAQ for Image Provider

You would like to offer your
images on STOCKSTAGE

Please send your contact data and 10 of your
best images in jpg format with a resolution
of approximately 1024px for a preview
by email to

If your images match our requirements, you will
get your personal access data and the FTP access
for uploading images.

See also: Agreement for Image Provider (PDF)

Download templates:

Model Release
PDF-Download: Property Release

Further information for Image Provider

For Photographers:
We look for images of people, animals, objects, architecture
and other interesting views from various areas.

Many times lots of pictures from nature or landscapes are
uploaded. If you have exceptional and expressive landscape
views, which stand out from the crowd, we will enjoy looking
them up. But we do not want to overload our database with
tons of plants, rivers, meadows, mountains, etc.

For Illustrators:
Unfortunately we do not offer yet the download in vector format.
So please export your vector illustrations into jpg format. We
happily accept expressive illustrations from all areas.

For 3D artists:
With 3D programmes visualisations can be developed,
which no photographer ever will be able to capture.
Therefore we are looking forward to all kinds of
expressive 3D renderings of high quality.

Photographers, Illustrators and 3D Artists wanted!