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A user, registered at „“, is entitled to purchase the digital contents offered by adblue-media GmbH as customer. The following agreement regulates, on what terms customers are allowed to make use of photos, illustrations and other digital contents provided by “”.

The CUSTOMER LICENSE AGREEMENT is a document valid in addition to the terms of use, valid for this website, all user and customers have agreed to. In case of a conflict between the CUSTOMER LICENSE AGREEMENT and the TERMS OF USE the provisions of this CUSTOMER LICENSE AGREEMENT apply.

The CUSTOMER LICENSE AGREEMENT is valid for all digital products to be purchased from the internet platform „“ of adblue-media.

The adblue-media grants the customer a license to use the digital contents of its website for their designated use in compliance with the following rules. The different types of licenses provided by the adblue-media and their respective designated use are explained in the following. All additional rights concerning the purchased contents, including all copyrights, remain reserved for the adblue-media, respectively the authors of the images.

There are different methods of payment possible for all customers of Germany (e. g. bank transfer, Paypal). For all customers outside Germany the adblue-media only accepts payments provided via PayPal. The prices are valid and binding by the time of order. The adblue-media reserves the right to revoke a method of payment in single cases.

The license is not transferable in principle, irrespective of its type.

Exception: The right to use the contents may be transferred to one single third party in the context of a customer project (e. g. by an advertising agency). The multiple use in projects of different customers is prohibited. In this case an additional license per customer has to be purchased.

LICENSE FOR LAYOUT (Images / Image contents)
The “License for layout” includes a limited use of all contents for the only purpose of creating drafts, test layouts and demonstration presentations with regard to a purchase of contents. The free of charge layout images and layout contents must not be used in end products (neither internally nor externally). Layout images and layout contents must not be made accessible to the public.

The „License for images“ includes advertising and sales promotion. The contents may be used in all kinds of media by the customer. The license includes:

The right to use the pictures and images of these for advertising purposes (especially brochures, prospects, etc.) as well as for other commercial purposes (e. g. illustration, data media, in magazines, etc.), and for private purposes.
The right to copy and distribute in print media, and on data media.
The right to edit the pictures and to combine these with text, other pictures (composition) and other media.

The „Merchandising License“ may be used by the customer for all kinds of media. This license mainly includes the right for the commercial application of the purchased pictures/images by the manufacture and distribution of products of all kinds (Resale products). Under this license the digital product may be used for commercial purposes to manufacture and distribute goods (e. g. toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, sporting goods, clothing, poster, etc.) or in other media (e. g. computer games, templates, etc.).

The contents may be edited as long as the changes do not constitute disadvantages for the author or third parties. By no means the contents should be defaced due to the editing or be used for illicit or pornografic contents.

Digital contents ordered by the customer are provided by the adblue-media with a download link. The customer is informed of his order processed by an email from the adblue-media containing a link for the customer to download and use his ordered pictures from the “” website. The adblue-media points out, that the ordered pictures are provided online for a period of 21 days only and that they have to be downloaded to the customer’s own computer within this time. No guarantee is given that the pictures will be present yet in the database of the adblue-media after this period has elapsed.

At „“ digital contents can be purchased online. These are provided by the adblue-media to the customer via download link in an email.

As soon as you have received the download link in an email, the right of withdrawal has expired. This is to prevent the copying of received files and subsequent rescission of the purchasing contract.

If the purchased image shows technical deficits, the customer has the right to withdraw from the purchasing contract in writing within 14 days.

Terms of Use for the internet platform „“

Customer License Agreement