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The adblue-media GmbH operates the online platform „“ providing digital pictures for buyers. The following terms of use regulate the conditions under which the service provided by the adblue-media can be occupied.

The adblue-media reserves the right to change, to suspend or to discontinue the operation of the „“ website at all times, including all services, information, properties or functions offered on this website. Furthermore the adblue-media reserves the right to discontinue or to limit the use of single properties, functions or services or to restrict the access to parts of the website or the website at all without further notice.

The use of this website is at the user’s own risk. The user takes sole responsibility and sole risk of the loss posed by the download of access data or the use of the website and/or its contents. In this sense the adblue-media cannot be held liable, except the liability cannot be excluded due to applicable law, and apart from the liability for its own gross negligent conduct.

In any case the adblue-media does not take responsibility, neither for inaccuracies, wrong or delayed information, contents or services, nor for missing information, contents or services or their incorrect transfer and any damages arising hereunder. In particular the adblue-media does not take responsibility for incidents, where influence is beyond our control (Force Majeure).

A liability of the adblue-media for direct or indirect references to other websites (“links”) beyond the adblue-media responsibility will have effect only, if the adblue-media has knowledge of the contents of these websites and if the use of these links with unlawful contents could be forestalled with reasonable technical efforts. Therefore the adblue-media formally declares that by the time the links were established, the linked websites had been free of unlawful contents. The adblue-media has no influence on the current and future composition and the contents of the linked websites. Therefore the adblue-media explicitly dissociates itself from contents of all linked websites that have been changed after the establishment of these links. This statement is valid for all established links and references within the adblue-media own internet offer. For illegal, defective or incomplete contents and especially for damages arising from the use or disuse of information offered this way, solely the provider of the website the link is leading to, is to be held liable, not the provider of the website the link was established to refer to the publication.

The adblue-media strives to pay attention to the authors’s rights of possession of the used graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts. We will rely on our own developed graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts or revert to license-free graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts. All trademarks and brands mentioned in the internet offer and protected by copyright of third parties where applicable, are unrestrictedly subject to the designations of the respective valid trademark legislation and the possession rights of the registered owner. From the sole mentioning cannot be concluded, that trademarks are not protected by third party rights. The copyright for published and self-developed objects of the adblue-media solely remains with the adblue-media, resp. the external image provider, who distributes his pictures at “”. It is prohibited to copy or use such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts with electronic, print or other media resp. publications, without obtaining a license or without the formal endorsement of the adblue-media.

Within the framework of the services provided by the adblue-media personal data are collected, stored, processed and used. These are data, containing information on personal or factual circumstances of a certain user. Personal data of the users can be utilized for own marketing or statistical evaluations by the adblue-media. Data will never be sold to third parties or circulated.

The user formally declares his consent for the storage and processing of his data. Each user is entitled to object to the storage and processing of his data for the purpose of consulting, advertising and market evaluation by the adblue-media. An email to be sent by using the contact form on “” will be sufficient.

Basically parts of the services of the adblue-media can be used without being registered in advance. To obtain digital contents at the adblue-media a registration at „“ is required. By registering at “” the user formally agrees to the conditions and accepts the terms of use and the Customer License Agreement.

The user herewith acknowledges to have read and understood the terms of use and to accept these. These terms of use and agreements are exclusively valid for all, at the internet platform “” registered users, even if the use or access takes place outside of Germany. The adblue-media commits itself to allude all user registered at „“ to possible changes and immediately inform these. The services of this website must not be used, if the terms of use have not been accepted by the user.

By submitting the data in the registration form, the user accepts the terms of use and the customer license agreement. The adblue-media reserves the right to reject the registration of a user without giving any reason. The user is obliged to truthfully and correctly fill in the fields of the application form.

Only fully contractually capable members or members acting with the consent of their legal representative are entitled to use our services. Users have to store their access data carefully. The user is responsible for not making these data accessible to third parties. The adblue-media does not take responsibility for damages caused by access data third parties have got. The suspicion of misuse of access data has to be reported to the adblue-media immediately.

In case of violating the terms of use or at a substantiated suspicion on misuse, the adblue-media has the right to block the member’s access to the nongratuitous parts of the online services of „“ immediately without notice and, where appropriate, file for prosecution under civil and criminal law. Furthermore the adblue-media in such a case has the right, to unilaterally terminate existing service contracts with the user without notice, and to put an end to all services agreed upon. The payment obligations of the user remain unaffected and payments already realised will not be reimbursed. A damage to the adblue-media caused by violating the terms of use, entitles the adblue-media to claim for these within the scope of provisions of the law. The user has to release the adblue-media from any legally binding claims, third parties lay to the adblue-media on grounds of an unauthorized use of its online services. If the user is responsible for third parties using the services and costs or charges arise from the use by third parties, the user has to be charged for these.

The application for licensee at „“ is free of charge. The price listed with the imaging material at the time of the purchase is the valid charge. Added to this charge are the value added tax and charges for additional services (e. g. shipping of the image data by mail), where applicable.

The adblue-media had been assigned to debt collection by the author of the images. Therefore the licensee pays the license charge for the images shown in the shopping cart to the author via the adblue-media. The invoice is sent by email to the licensee (invoice as pdf). For all customers outside Germany the adblue-media only accepts payments provided via PayPal. With the receipt of full payment or credit note the right to use the image material with this license is given by way of endorsement.

For both parties solely Berlin is the legal venue and place of performance, if permitted by law. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to all contractual relations, including deliveries or the granting of usufructuary rights abroad.

These terms of use are part of the internet offer and they are valid for all sections at “”. If parts or single formulations of this text are not, no more or not fully corresponding to the valid law, the remaining parts of the document stay unaffected in their contents and validity.

Customer Licensing Agreement on the purchase
of digital contents at „“